How it Works

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can purchase?2020-05-04T17:51:00+01:00

Tickets are limited to 25 per customer.

How do I enter a prize draw?2020-05-04T14:12:34+01:00

Simply browse our products via our website, choose which product you wish to win, click on buy tickets, choose your lottery numbers, or lucky dip, add to basket, answer the skills question and then go to checkout.

Why is there a skills test question before I can enter? And must I get it right?2020-05-04T13:41:40+01:00

To remove the element of chance, and for legal reasons, Trade Competitions narrow the field of potential winners by requiring a skill-testing question to enter our contests. Only those who at least pass the skill-testing question are eligible to win prizes. The question is simple and straight forward.

How do you choose a winner?2020-05-04T13:34:09+01:00

To ensure the competition is completely fair to every customer who enters, the computer generates a winner completely at random.

Are prizes new or second-hand?2020-05-04T13:11:56+01:00

All of our prizes are brand new, of the highest quality and from fantastic top quality brands such as Dewalt, Festool, Knipex, Makita, Milwaukee and CaT.

Can I enter if I am outside the UK?2020-05-04T13:12:32+01:00

Competitions at Trade Competitions Ltd. are open to UK residents only at this time. Non-UK residents cannot enter. Contact Us for more information.

How are the winners chosen?2020-04-04T14:16:11+01:00

All our winners are chosen at random as long as the competition question is answered correctly.

We have no manual control over who the winner is to make sure it is done in the fairest possible way.